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21 september 2000

Ok, the list is growing, slow but steady. We now have 11 projects.

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9 september 2000

If you don't have a description yet, please mail us one.

We now have 4 projects and we're waiting for yours.

8 september 2000

GameProjects has opened :)

Project name Developer Platform API Release date Screenshots
Sqrxz Dan Sandstrom Windows 9X DirectX 6.1 Demo out now on site
Guide Sqrxz through a world filled with puzzles, traps, tricks, and enemies. New features are being added all the time and recommendations are welcome.
Redfield White Rabbit Entertainment Windows DirectX late 2000 N/A
Redfield is a 2d side scroller currently under development. It is set in a futuristic, yet realistic world.
Hostile Quadrant Nucleus software Win 9x/NT DirectX N/A N/A
'short description here'
Magic Dust 2 - World DOMINATION Spaghetti Entertainment Win 9x/NT DirectX 7 (VB) N/A page
'short description here'
Blip & Blop III: Balls Of Steel LOADED PC N/A Christmas 1 2
The LOADED team, who made several demos and games on Amiga is currently working on a new PC game project called Blip'n'Blop: Balls of Steel. It's a 2D shooter like Gryzor or Metal Slug and it's freeware.
The interesting part of the game is, that you have to kill some video games characters like Mario, Lara Croft, Sonic and harmless creatures like Pokemons, Smurfs, Care Bears, Teletubbies, etc...
Black Mercury BAD software Win 9x/NT DirectX / OpenGL 2001 1 2 3
A 3D shooter in the style of Lylat Wars (N64) but in a more 'realistic' setting
Captured Reality DeadStranger Win 9x/2k/me DirectX (VB) TBA N/A
a short description of the game. Think Quake.
Rush Plastic Reality Technologies Windows DirectX 7 / OpenGL N/A page
a new 3D action game "Rush" for PCs, Windows platform, OpenGL and DirectX compatible.
Terran Aeon Software Win 9x DirectX Summer 2001 1 2 3
A 2D tile-based RPG reminiscent of the 16-bit console days
Acronia: Secrets of Magic Runemaster Win 9x/2000 JAEN (VB) N/A N/A
Adventure/RPG set on a mysterious island with thought-provoking plot and good 3D pre-rendered graphics.
Rolemaker Jacob Marner Win 9x Native Java jWindows/DirectX Summer 2001 N/A
'short description here'
Extreme Guerrillas Bigshot Software Win 9x/2000 DirectX (C++) downloadable N/A
It's just an experimental game.

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